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An establishment is a demonstrated plan of action grew by the franchisor, which permits the establishment to use its restrictive strategy for success, methods, trainings and techniques for working together. The franchisor will give its establishments preparing a demonstrated plan of action, a surely understood and settled brand name, and an extensive variety of different instruments and assets to help in achievement.


  • Learning programs in the field of child education. Detailed training & guidance for trainer

  • Procedures standard operating procedures manual, marketing and management techniques necessary to run a business process, systems, accounting for successful business.

  • Brain Gym, Eye Gym, Motivational videos, Pictures to Educate Brain, All the other technique involved.

  • CD guidance for parents.

  • Mindvera Braintech Pvt.Ltd Training method of brain gym eye gym for balancing of right and left brain.

  • Training methods of the meditation .

  • Teaching how to use audio healing and relaxation music.

  • Training Method & special techniques will only be provided to the faculty to teach that.


  • Showcasing help including planning of every single promoting material , and neighborhood ads, running limited time crusades and publicizing ,battles.

  • As an franchise you will be receiving your franchise kit from the franchisor.

  • The franchise kit includes sample master trainer & student kit, display materials etc.

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