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                          Mindvera Braintech Pvt.Ltd (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company),is an Organisation which brings a meaningful transformation and positive change in the life of every human being by making them explore their brain potential.

   Our VISION is to bring Transformation in the life of people by making them explore their Brain Power.


   We work hard every day to make India’s most respected education industry by delivering quality services

  • A committed Team

  • Trustworthy

  • Reliable

  • 7 years of Excellence

  • 10,000+ Customers in Maharashtra

  • 100% Authentic Products

  • Scientific Evidence of DMIT

  • Robust Training on Sales, Objection handling, Closing skills and Counselling.

  • We are a small Company

  • A small Team

  • Only Having 17+ Franchise offices in Maharashtra

  • 10 years of experience is not Enough.

  • Young Team, no grey hair which sometimes required.

  • We worked with limited resources.

Our Weakness

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