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Psychometric tests are the scientific and standard method used to measure the mental capability of an individual. These tests are usually designed for measuring the suitability for a role of a person according to his/her personality characteristics and ability.


We have four different kind of Psychometric test for Individuals-

1.Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test: The term ‘psychometric assessment’ means measuring the aptitude as well as talent of an individual and how the talent can best match your role in an organization. It gives one a deep insight of about 300 different carriers in an Individual.


2.Psychological Screening Inventory (PSI): The PSI is usually built on the Carl Jung’s theory of different types of personalities. Jung found and observed recognizable and repeated patterns in the behaviour of the people are linked to the conscious perceiving of the world, and the way we take our decisions about the world. The pattern it evolves is very similar to the more famous Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test; it is sometimes also called the mini MBTI. The MBTI measures how the people generally behave whereas, the PSI measures that how people would love to behave like.


3.Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): It refers to a method of enlightening the exponent with sentiments, dominant drives, complexes, emotions, and conflicts of personality.


4.Richmond Survey Instrument (RSI):The idea of career anchors came into knowledge because of Edgar Schein. It means what people want out from their career and the final decision. The career is based on: Security and Status, Autonomy, Innovation, Expertise, Power, Money, Social Affiliation, and meaning.

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